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July 29, 2016

Soundtrack – Staying Alive (1983) – Lp

by Record Facts

Staying Alive is a 1983 American dance film and a sequel to Saturday Night Fever (1977) starring John Travolta as dancer Tony Manero, with Cynthia Rhodes, Finola Hughes, Joyce Hyser, Julie Bovasso, and dancers Viktor Manoel and Kevyn Morrow. It was directed, co-produced and co-written by Sylvester Stallone.

soundtrack - staying alive













Artist:  Soundtrack
Title:  Staying Alive
Year:  1983
Format:  LP
Label:  RSO Records
Catalog#  813269-1

The title comes from the Bee Gees song “Stayin’ Alive“, which was used as the theme song to Saturday Night Fever and is also played during the final scene of Staying Alive. It also goes hand-in-hand with Tony’s new lifestyle, in which he is barely surviving as he pursues his dream of making dancing his career. This is along with Homefront, one of only two films which Stallone has written without being the star (although he does have a cameo).

The soundtrack was released in 1983 and is mainly performed by the Bee Gees. Five new Bee Gees songs took up the first side, with side two featuring various artists performing songs mostly written by Frank Stallone, brother of the film’s director Sylvester.
The LP was the final soundtrack, and the final songs, by the Bee Gees released under RSO.


Side one
1. Bee Gees – The Woman In You  (4:01)
2. Bee Gees – I Love You Too Much  (4:27)
3. Bee Gees – Breakout  (4:41)
4. Bee Gees – Someone Beloning To Someone  (4:24)
5. Bee Gees – Life Goes On  (4:23)
6. Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive (Edited Version)  (1:30)

Side two
1. Frank Stallone – Far From Over  (3:53)
2. Tommy Faragher – Look Out For Number One  (3:19)
3. Cynthia Rhodes – Finding Out THe Hard Way  (3:30)
4. Frank Stallone – Moody Girl  (4:069
5. Tommy Faragher – (We Dance) So Close To The Fire  (3:43)
6. Frank Stallone & Cynthia Rhodes – I’m Never Gonna Give You Up  (3:32)

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