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July 22, 2016

Spandau Ballet – Parade (1984) – Lp

by Record Facts

Spandau Ballet are an English band formed in London in the late 1970s. The band were inspired by, and an integral part of, the New Romantic movement. They became one of the more successful groups to emerge during the New Romantic era. The band’s classic line-up features brothers Gary and Martin Kemp on guitars, vocalist Tony Hadley, saxophonist Steve Norman and drummer John Keeble.

spandau ballet - parade












Artist:  Spandau Ballet
Title:  Parade
Year:  1984
Format:  LP
Label:  Chrysalis Records
Catalog# 206378

Parade is the fourth studio album by Spandau Ballet, released on 25 May 1984 by Chrysalis Records.

Parade was Spandau Ballet‘s follow-up to their most successful LP, 1983’s True. “Only When You Leave” reached number three on the U.K. charts. The three other singles that were released do successively worse: “I’ll Fly for You”, “Highly Strung”, and “Round and Round”. The band was still riding high in the U.K. and sold out seven consecutive dates at Webley Arena. Fans of the band, and the “new romanticism” of other acts like Simple Minds, Adam Ant, and Wham may like Parade because it comes close to recapturing the stylish, white soul sound of the True LP.

This album is pure pleasure. It’s a teeny bit pompous, due to Tony Hadley’s vocal stylings, but in a charming way. It’s a little bravado, a little posing, a little like a man who refuses to grow up. The 16 year old who writes furtive love poems under the desk. The boy who, like a good school boy should, paid his dues and finally got to the big stage. So he’s only ten years too late. It doesn’t matter because it’s still, well, True…
There is a surprising versatility in the material. You will hear torch songs (“I’ll Fly”) and pop-funk (“Highly Strung”) and drama (“The Nature of The Beast”). Yes, it’s totally 80s.


Side one
1.  Only When You Leave  (5:09)
2.  Highly Strung  (4:10)
3.  I’ll Fly For You  (5:35)
4.  Nature Of The Beast  (5:14)

Side two
1.  Revenge For Love  (4:20)
2.  Always In The Back Of My Mind  (4:28)
3.  With The Pride  (5:30)
4.  Round And Round  (5:30)

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