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July 14, 2016

Soundtrack – Xanadu (1980) – Lp

by Record Facts

“Xanadu” is the soundtrack of the 1980 musical film of the same name, featuring the Australian singer Olivia Newton-John and the British group Electric Light Orchestra (ELO).

soundtrack - xanadu












Artist:  Soundtrack
Title:  Xanadu
Year:  1980
Format:  LP
Label:  JET Records
Catalog#  JET LX 526

On this original LP release featured, on side one the songs of Newton-John, and on side two the songs of ELO.

Although the film was a critical and commercial disappointment, the soundtrack was a worldwide success and received positive reviews from music critics.

The hit singles “Magic” and “Xanadu”, peaked at number one in the U.K. and U.S. The soundtrack featured songs on side one by the film’s star, Olivia Newton-John, written by her long-time producer, John Farrar.
The songs on side two were written and performed by ELO. The title track which closed side two featured Newton-John as lead vocalist.
The Newton-John side also featured Cliff Richard, The Tubes and Gene Kelly.

Lead-off “Magic” remains a fine single. “Suddenly,” a duet ONJ ekes out with British luminary Cliff Richard, seems better than most love themes. The sudden appearance of the Tubes almost saves the doomed swing/rock hybrid “Dancin,” but the two styles should never meet.

The second half glows from the Electric Light Orchestra, soaring at its commercial height, escaping this crippling fairy tale fairly untarnished with three more hit bits: “I’m Alive,” “All Over the World,” and the Olivia Neutron Bomb showcase title track.
“Don’t Walk Away” and “The Fall” stand as two of Jeff Lynne’s finest, thus the flip nukes the front which should stay stuck to the theater floor.


Side one
1.  Olivia Newton-John – Magic  (4:25)
2.  Olivia Newton-John With Cliff Richard – Suddenly  (4:03)
3.  Olivia Newton-John With Tubes, The – Dancin’  (5:14)
4.  Olivia Newton-John – Suspended In Time  (3:52)
5.  Olivia Newton-John With Gene Kelly – Whenever You’re Away From Me  (4:15)

Side two
1.  Electric Light Orchestra – I’m Alive  (3:46)
2.  Electric Light Orchestra – The Fall  (3:34)
3.  Electric Light Orchestra – Don’t Walk Away  (4:48)
4.  Electric Light Orchestra – All Over The World (4:04)
5.  Electric Light Orchestra & Olivia Newton-John – Xanadu  (3:30)

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